Saturday, 20 February 2016

Freedom 251 - A Digital Pollutant

At a launch event in Noida , An Unknown Smartphone brand announced its Freedom 251 smartphone and what was the Highlight ? ITS PRICE TAG... Yes which was Rs.251 and its reason to become so famous on social media. (or being an Ascetic can be a reason for its popularity).
but it makes me to thing like a snob and came across plenty of reviews including First post and IBN news that it is covered up with a whitener and underneath it was actually a name Adcom (a Chinese Smartphone Company) . So from here things are clear If you have ordered this phone then you are going to add pollution in our Country as we are ordering  a Smartphone which we think that it is MADE IN INDIA ( printing the National Flag on back panel will not make it one ) but actually it is MADE IN CHINA and of Very Cheap and Low quality Material From PCB to IC and it will not have any resell value so ultimately we are dumping it in our own country and filling it with E-Garbage which actually belongs to China , for making small term profits we play with our own country and its environment.
and this blog is also about A Man's Debris is Another Man's Treasure and in this case its a treasure for China  and Debris for Every Individual of India
Take a step forward , Just think again Before buying.....