Monday, 26 February 2018

Are we ready for 5G ?

India is dramatically and (dramatically) growing country in terms of economy , population and technology with NO priority given to mother nature Environment. .

India's first 5G network was conducted in collaboration with Airtel and Huawei at Airtel's Network Experience Centre , Manesar, Gurugram.

Company claims to achieve a speed of 3gbps which is highest under the 3.5GHz band till date. The whole test of this 5G network involved a 5G RAN which operated on a 3.5GHz band consisting of a 5G Core and a 5OGE network slicing router. As the test conducted within 100MHz bandwidth and resulted a 1 millisecond End-To-End network Latency.

BSNL is also going to roll out its 5G Network in late 2019.

Because its not just about speed

5G network is based on 3GPP [Third Generation Partnership Projects] and expected to offer enhanced mobileBroadBand [eMBB]. Where end users are expected to experience premium video quality including 360 degree, 4K, Ultra HD Videos with virtual reality and augmented reality. It also open gates for the growth of telecom sector and Smartphone companies in field of Artificial Intelligence [AI].


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Sunday, 21 August 2016

Art In The Bin

Some random art from my diaries

Sunday, 14 August 2016

70 Years of Dishonor

Today on 70th independence day of India where our hon. PM will hoist the tricolor flag and will address the whole Nation with a prewritten and scripted speech. I lament for the way we get independence. To know our present and future it is very important to know and understand our past. We know that we were ruled for about 400 years on our own land before we can finally breathe in freely.

INDIAN INDEPENDENCE ACT. The ACT which became the reason for our independence. But we are unfortunate & shameful because our independence was not written by our own hands and not even on our land. Britishers constitute the fate of India and passed the Indian Independence Act on 3rd July 1947 at British Parliament in The House of Commons , London. Under this Act India was declared as dominion state (which means a small state  of a bigger state). So Pakistan and India are two dominion states And till 2016 we are not fully independent or what we called as PooranSwaraj.

Hand Drawn Image of india made by Akash Bedi
Image Courtesy: Akash Bedi

Monday, 8 August 2016

Fat Man - Its all about Split of Atom

Today on 9th August 1945 , Exactly 71 years ago America Dropped nuclear weapon on the island of Kyushu - Nagasaki.For America War ended in 1945 But for Japan the war is till going on. A war with themselves to survive each day remembering that horrible moment when everything vanishes in front of there eyes. A weapon which splits an Atom and release an enormous amount of energy ( 200 Million Volts of Electricity) which kills 40,000 people instantly and further 40,000 dies due to burns and radiation with total of 80,000 deaths

Summing up my post with a message :
People who ever talked or will talk about peace will be the first to shatter it.

This image is of nuclear warhead Fat Man which was dropped on Nagasaki on 9th August 1945

This image is of nuclear warhead Fat Man which was dropped on Nagasaki on 9th August 1945
Bomb Interior

Saturday, 20 February 2016

Freedom 251 - A Digital Pollutant

At a launch event in Noida , An Unknown Smartphone brand announced its Freedom 251 smartphone and what was the Highlight ? ITS PRICE TAG... Yes which was Rs.251 and its reason to become so famous on social media. (or being an Ascetic can be a reason for its popularity).
but it makes me to thing like a snob and came across plenty of reviews including First post and IBN news that it is covered up with a whitener and underneath it was actually a name Adcom (a Chinese Smartphone Company) . So from here things are clear If you have ordered this phone then you are going to add pollution in our Country as we are ordering  a Smartphone which we think that it is MADE IN INDIA ( printing the National Flag on back panel will not make it one ) but actually it is MADE IN CHINA and of Very Cheap and Low quality Material From PCB to IC and it will not have any resell value so ultimately we are dumping it in our own country and filling it with E-Garbage which actually belongs to China , for making small term profits we play with our own country and its environment.
and this blog is also about A Man's Debris is Another Man's Treasure and in this case its a treasure for China  and Debris for Every Individual of India
Take a step forward , Just think again Before buying.....