Sunday, 14 August 2016

70 Years of Dishonor

Today on 70th independence day of India where our hon. PM will hoist the tricolor flag and will address the whole Nation with a prewritten and scripted speech. I lament for the way we get independence. To know our present and future it is very important to know and understand our past. We know that we were ruled for about 400 years on our own land before we can finally breathe in freely.

INDIAN INDEPENDENCE ACT. The ACT which became the reason for our independence. But we are unfortunate & shameful because our independence was not written by our own hands and not even on our land. Britishers constitute the fate of India and passed the Indian Independence Act on 3rd July 1947 at British Parliament in The House of Commons , London. Under this Act India was declared as dominion state (which means a small state  of a bigger state). So Pakistan and India are two dominion states And till 2016 we are not fully independent or what we called as PooranSwaraj.

Hand Drawn Image of india made by Akash Bedi
Image Courtesy: Akash Bedi

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